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            There are a few TCP/IP ports that need to be open to ensure that you are receiving the best functionality of your TetherView Virtual Desktops. The ports may vary depending on how you utilize the Virtual Desktop.


            General Ports

            · 32111 (TCP)

            Open in both directions between your VMware View Virtual Desktop and your VMware View Client. This facilitates USB redirection between your View Client and Virtual Desktop.

            · 9427 (TCP)

            Multimedia Redirection (MMR) is supported by View Client and View Client with Offline Desktop on certain operating systems.

            Note: MMR is not required in both directions.

            PCoIP Ports

            · 4172 (TCP/UDP)

            Used for PCoIP in a VMware View 4.5 and later environment. This port is required for the PCoIP display protocol.
            The port 4172 UDP must be open in both inbound and outbound directions.
            The port 4172 TCP must be open in only the inbound direction.

            RDP Ports

            · 3389 (TCP)

            This port is required for usage in a View environment where Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the preferred display protocol. This port must be open between either the View Client and the Virtual Desktop, or the VMware View Connection or security server and the Virtual Desktop.

            Connection server Ports

            · 4001 (TCP)

            This port must be open in the outbound direction so the View agent can report its status to the connection broker it is bound to.

            Updated: 09 Sep 2018 11:21 PM
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